About Bolder Surgical™

Our Innovation Story: Starting Small and Dreaming Big

Bolder Surgical™ was founded to revolutionize minimally invasive surgery in children by providing right-sized instruments that improve access and visibility in the tiniest patients. Bolder Surgical™ is the first and only company to secure FDA clearance for a low-power electrosurgical device, the 3mm Vessel Sealer, used specifically for pediatric patients. The Company also developed the worlds first 5mm Mechanical Stapler with a pediatric indication.

From this tiny beginning, we saw that our instruments had big advantages in many procedures where surgeons are concerned with potential damage to critical structures and where patients wanted the smallest incision possible. So, we broadened our vision to help patients from 18 hours old to 18 years old and beyond. Proven in pediatrics, today Bolder continues on its path of innovation with new surgical applications.

Our Promise to You

We will deliver surgical advancements that matter.

We will innovate to provide:

  • Patients better outcomes
  • Surgeons more proficiency
  • Hospitals more efficiency

Our Mission

We’re elevating expectations in surgery, giving surgeons and their patients options that they’ve never had before.

Make a big impact, come join our small team.