Product Overview

Product Value Statement

At Bolder Surgical™, we think small to deliver big advancements in surgery. Leveraging our expertise in microsurgical devices and energy delivery, we innovate to give surgeons options they’ve never had, making them more proficient and enabling them to create minimal surgical impact on every patient.

JustRight™ Vessel Sealing System

The JustRight™ Vessel Sealing System with a low power generator and a fine jawed 3mm vessel sealer limits unintended damage to adjacent structures, provides access in tight surgical cavities, and stays cool, so that surgeons can use our instrument throughout the procedure.1,3 Ours is the only vessel sealing system with a pediatric indication on the market today – proving performance to a high standard set by the FDA.4

JustRight™ 5mm Stapler

The JustRight™ 5mm Stapler is raising the bar in general and pediatric surgery. The reduced instrument shaft and optimized jaw length makes downsizing all of your laparoscopic ports a reality and eliminates the need to use over-sized, overpowered instruments.2

EcoSac 5mm Tissue Retrieval System

Bolder Surgical is the exclusive U.S. distributor of the EcoSac 5mm Tissue Retrieval System from Espiner Medical – enabling specimen removal through a 5mm port.


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