The Thermal Safety Profile of a New Bipolar Vessel Sealing Device for Thyroid Surgery

Aman Prasad, BS, Medical Student; Jessica Durrant, MS, DVM; Daniel D. Smeak, DVM; Jason G. Newman, MD, Professor, Otorhinolaryngology

Bipolar electrocautery devices used to achieve intraoperative hemostasis carry risk of imparting thermal energy to adjacent tissue, leading to postoperative morbidity. The aim of this study was to compare a new vessel sealing device, the CoolSeal™ Reveal (Bolder Surgical, Louisville, Colorado), with an established industry standard device, the LigaSure™ Exact Dissector (Valleylab, Boulder, Colorado), to assess their safety and the extent to which they impart thermal damage to tissue during thyroid surgery.

Keywords: Reveal, LigaSure, thyroid, thyroidectomy


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November 3, 2021